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Have a use case but no idea how to implement? Ask in issues section and we'll reach you with suggestions or sample to start with.

Have a noticeable example to share with the community? Reach us with a contribution suggestion. PRs are welcome!

Have no particular code to share but a description of how you use the library or a blog post? Please let us know, we're happy to post a reference.

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Shows a simple way of importing potentially demanded strategies and selecting one in runtime based on logic, CLI flags in the case of the sample.

Shows how to retrieve auth tokens to use in a PowerShell script (is relevant for Edge auth scenarios, e.g. SharePoint behind WAP perimeter).

Shows how to expose SharePoint API as an anonymous endpoint for a dev server.

Is a syncronization sample which provides a single time assets upload or/and local file system watch mode. Provides in times faster upload when any other known alternative.

Basic unmarhsaling (response parsing) sample.

The sample shows how to get permissions for OData collections.

Accessing SPO tenant scope API basic sample. E.g. for creating classic sites.

The sample shows how to create, delete Modern Sites and how to check a site's provisioning status.

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