Frequently asked questions

Why Golang?

Go has many strong parts. It's damn simple, friendly for large team projects, super fast in a compilation, fast in runtime and requires little or no prerequisites. It is friendly for concurrent processes, modern hardware architectures, network applications and cloud-based solutions, DevOps tool.

Go promises backward compatibility and long support period. Many say that Go is "the next enterprise big thing" and one of the default preferred languages. Lots of modern huge and awesome applications are written in Go while staying simple and reliable. Many main vendors use Go in one way or another.

Go has lots of wonderful libraries at disposal. But little or no for SharePoint... until Gosip. So it's our spot to provide such an option.

For whom is this for?

In the first place, Gosip is for developers who use Go on their daily basis and who got to integrate their apps with SharePoint without diving too deep to learn it from the grouds up.

SharePoint is complicated. We spent years solving different complex and misc problems with the platform. Not only for the end-users and customers but also for other developers and Open Source community.

Recently more and more of our internal tools have been written in Go. Our opinion is that a tool is better if it is used in a variety of different scenarios and by different teams. So we decided to deliver our Go+SP experience to Open Source and improve it together with you.

If you have no idea what is Go probably Gosip is not for you, but if you have no "Why Go?" question Gosip is an option to master SharePoint API with ease.

Where to use?

Anywhere where you considering an application written in Go reasonable.

Use-cases can vary, let me describe just a few we use the library intensively:

  • Web services and APIs (dedicated web API consumed by many clients)

  • Microservices applications

  • Schedule runners, workflow workers, queue listeners

  • CLI based tools & scripting

  • Relays and gateways with elements of API communication

  • Development toolchains

We would love to hear your unique use-case and even help you with our opinion.

Why not C#, PowerShell or Node.js

Under any circumstances, we're not even suggesting replacing anything with anything. It's just wrong positioning.

Gosip and Go, in particular, is yet another available option that might or might not suit one needs. Even more, we use all the combination of technologies together following common sense, expertise, constraints, and many more factors. Sometimes something in Go helps in a PowerShell script. Sometimes a great .Net library is used together in Go worker. And don't forget we're also sort of ambassadors of Node.js ecosystem for SharePoint.

Together is stronger. For no reason don't search for a holly war aspect use whatever feels better for you for delivering great product or service.

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