Azure Env-based Auth

Azure AD environment-cased authentication

The sample shows Gosip custom auth with AAD Environment-Based Authorization.

Custom auth implementation

Checkout the code.

Azure App registration

1. Create or use existing app registration

2. Make sure that the app is configured for a specific auth scenario:

  • Client credentials (might not work with SharePoint but require a Certificate-based auth)

  • Certificate

  • Username/Password (public clients flows must be enabled)

  • Managed identity

Follow instructions:

  • O365 Admin -> Azure Active Directory

  • Generate self-signed certificate

# PowerShell, run on a Windows machine
$certName = "MyCert"
$password = "MyPassword"
$startDate = Get-Date
$endDate = (Get-Date).AddYears(5)
$securePass = (ConvertTo-SecureString -String $password -AsPlainText -Force)
.\Create-SelfSignedCertificate.ps1 -CommonName $certName -StartDate $startDate -EndDate $endDate -Password $securePass

or on a Linux or macOS client via openssl:

chmod +x ./

Get scripts.

  • New App Registration

    • Accounts in this organizational directory only

    • API Permissions -> SharePoint :: Application :: Sites.FullControl.All -> Grant Admin Consent

    • Certificates & Secrets -> Upload .cer file

  • Use environment variables to provide creds bindings:

    • AZURE_TENANT_ID - Directory (tenant) ID in App Registration

    • AZURE_CLIENT_ID - Application (client) ID in App Registration

    • For certificate-base auth:

      • AZURE_CERTIFICATE_PATH - path to .pfx file

      • AZURE_CERTIFICATE_PASSWORD - password used for self-signed certificate

    • For username/password auth:



Auth configuration and usage

package main
import (
strategy ""
func main() {
// os.Setenv("AZURE_TENANT_ID", "b1bacba7-c38a-414b-8c8b-65df26a15749")
// os.Setenv("AZURE_CLIENT_ID", "8ca10ce6-c3d5-47c6-b803-0ef3b619f464")
// os.Setenv("AZURE_CERTIFICATE_PATH", "/path/to/cert.pfx")
// os.Setenv("AZURE_CERTIFICATE_PASSWORD", "cert-password")
authCnfg := &strategy.AuthCnfg{
SiteURL: os.Getenv("SPAUTH_SITEURL"),
client := &gosip.SPClient{AuthCnfg: authCnfg}
sp := api.NewSP(client)
res, err := sp.Web().Select("Title").Get()
if err != nil {
fmt.Printf("Site title: %s\n", res.Data().Title)

Environment variables auto-injection

Environment variables can be automatically injected in a runtime for Azure AAD library. To use injection add correcponding environment variables in private.json into env JSON property:

"siteUrl": "",
"env": {
"AZURE_TENANT_ID": "1efde0dc-21f5-4d3d-a053-1da762c7838c",
"AZURE_CLIENT_ID": "7278fe9b-acd5-4be5-b688-999603560d31",
"AZURE_CERTIFICATE_PATH": "./certs/MyCert.pfx",